New Jersey BASS Nation Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2016 7:35 P.M.

New Jersey Bass Nation
Meeting Minutes

Call the meeting to Order: October 12, 2016 7:35 P.M.

Roll Call of Officers: All present except tournament director and treasurer

3. Treasurer’s Report: Given by Bill Tyger. As of now there is a balance of 20,173.38. There are three outstanding balances that have not been paid to date. The amounts that need to be paid are for $278.00, $211.00, and $145.00. There is still $325.00 that needs to be deposited from the paypal account. Bill also stated there is a check for $68.00 that needs to be deposited. The $12,000 from the state team has already been paid. Brian Brookes needs to be paid $800.00 along with Dave Frost $500.00 for going to Texas. Motion was accepted by Serge 2nd by Scott Murphy

4. President’s Report: Tonight’s meeting will be Bill Tygers last night as president. He is stepping down to vice president. Mark Golberg will be taking over as tournament director. Bill stated that the current board members have been working very hard and are putting together new programs for the 2017 season. There have been a lot of inquiries about where we are fishing. Some of which have been released and some will be discussed at a later time.

5. Vice-President’s Report: No report at this time

6. Secretary’s Report: No report at this time

7. Committee Reports:

a. Tournament Report: Bob Brennan wanted to acknowledge the people that had helped him throughout the course of him being tournament director.

b. Sponsorship Report: Between cash and prizes we collected $4.350.00.
$1,000.00 was collected from Susquehanna Tackle, $500.00 from Reynolds Marine, $350.00 from StormR, $1,500.00 was expected from Ticonderoga and Carrot stix donated rods. At this point Mark is stepping down and Bob Ozman will be taking his place. Mark is still currently working with the sponsors from last year. As of now most sponsors are returning for the 2017 season. The winners of the Hopatcong tournament will receive 2 of the new aero jackets, along with a whole suit valued at $600.00 plus 6 beanies, 6 hats, 6 sunshirts, and 6 gloves at the end of the season. Susquehanna Tackle will be sponsoring the flats tournament again, Reynolds Marine is also back again, they will donating $500.00 and $500.00 in product. They will be sponsoring the Candlewood tournament. Clayton will be giving money for the St. Lawrence tournament. Catskill is giving $25.00 a boat up to $1,500. Carrot stix will be sponsoring the Delaware Tournament and be donating product. We are still in the process of getting the associate sponsors back for the 2017 season.
Craig Townsend had a asked a question about contingency money from various boat companies, such as skeeter real money, triton and bass cat etc. Bob Brennan stated we are signed up with numerous boat companies but we need a fifty boat minimum to be eligible.

8. Old Business: Nothing at this time

9. New Business: Bill Tyger stated that we adding a whole new website for the 2017 season. The cost to set it up will be approx. $800.00 plus $40.00 a month. This company will be responsible for the upkeep of the website. A vote was taken and all excepted, with Donald Ahart opposed.
A question was asked by Jesse Mcghee who was going to run the youth organization, it was stated that rian Brookes would be possibly stepping up to do the job.
Randy Baran recognized Bill Tyger and Bob Brennan for all their hard work over the past four years. Both members were each given plaques for the time and dedication they spent serving this organization.
A question was asked to do a sponsorship for the highschool team.
Mark Goldberg presented the tournament schedule. Please refer to the new updated website for the latest tournament schedule and the appropriate sponsors. The new “win and you’re in” will take place this season. The winning boater and winning rider from the first four points tournaments will get a spot on the state team. The winning boater and winning rider of the Delaware tournament will be the alternates.
From the points trail the top 3 boaters and the top 2 riders will advance to the state team. If there is any double qualifiers. They will come from the boater points tournament.
From the STQ (which is on Thousand Islands) the top 5 boaters will advance to the state team. The 4th and 5th place participants on the boaters side will be riders for the state team. Also, the top 2 riders from the STQ will be riders and advance to the state team too.
The STQ is no longer a team format. Everyone will be on there on. You don’t have to have a four man team anymore. There was some concerns about the new format for the new season, About the way boaters and riders qualify for the state team. Some people felt it was unfair that in order to be eligible to be funded and participated in the state team is to fish two additional points trail tournament.
Randy had asked to put this matter on hold in order go over the the questions and answers that were asked of the members.
Please see the handouts that were provided at this meeting for additional info.

At this time Randy will go over the question and answer portion of the meeting.

F- Website is boring and not updated in a timely manner. Why does it take so long to post results?
R – New website being sourced and eliminates member involvement. In addition will be much more user friendly and professional!

F- Tournament waters need to be closer to home and involve select bodies (Flats, Candy, Delaware, Hopatcong, Hudson, Greenwood)
R – Schedule will reflect majority of this.

F – Why do we fish the Delaware the worst time of year?
R – We try to fish the Big D in the later part of the trail. Also it’s closer to home and should draw more participation.

F – Why would we cancel the flats then fish the Delaware?
R – Unfortunately, when there is a situation with a cancellation, we may not be able to fish the same body of water. At times, we may not be able to make up the tourn at all, but we will do our best to fish the same body of water or something relative.

F – Please lower the entry fees for boaters and riders. Rec 80 B and 60 R.
R – Consensus from the organization last year decided to raise the entry fee to increase payouts and support the nation expenses. We will keep the same entry fees from 2016 with exception of Team Qualifier.

F – Can we create a North and a South Trail?
R – We can certainly entertain down the road when we have more members to create a north and a south board, but this is not possible in the near future.

F – Can we have a Megabux to increase participation?
R – YES! We Can!!!

F – All members should fish at least 2 tournaments to be able to qualify for the state team in the following year.
R – All members will have to participate in at least 2 point trail tournaments to qualify for the following year.

F – The Favoritism has to stop.
R – All rules, regulations, processes and standards will be followed in the NJBN

F – Can we please have actual professional tournament briefings?
R – We will have pre communication via email and we will have regulation handouts at every tournament.

F – We need better communication between events.
R – You will receive detailed communication between events inclusive of event details.

F – We need more professionalism at our events from our Board members
R – We are committed to providing the NJBN with a professional forum at all events.

F – We need more weigh in bags.
R – We have 20 in use now. We will not increase this as we are looking to keep the fish safe, and alive. Preservation is key. We need a proactive approach to move the weigh in along by everyone making an effort to move as quickly as possible when getting fish.

F – Can we have a NJ State “Classic”? Championship?
R – We have a forum to crown our AOY and recognize our Winners at every event.

F – Boat inspections including live well checks should be done prior to boats putting in.
R – Agreed and we will inspect live wells prior to getting in the water. Kill switch and live well function can only happen on the water when key fobs are distributed.

F – We need to increase participation at meetings and events.
R – We feel our new format will increase participation at events. Meetings are optional yet we feel there is an opportunity to have a mandatory club representation at every event.

F – Should we present AOY award at the first tourn each year? There is more members at first event than any other forum.
R – Will be done at the first meeting of each new year

F – As an organization, we should not be chasing payment on events. We see bill and bob chasing final entry fees all the time. Get with the times and use electronic payments.
R – Agreed. Preferred payments will be electronic and due by deadlines – 11:59 Pm Friday week before prior to tourn

F – Is there any way we could post the payouts when we have the final roster for each tournament?
R – Yes – we can include this with the handout as long as timing is on our side. If not, we can always communicate verbally.

F – We should not tolerate boaters or riders who are disrespectful to each other. There has been a lot of chatter of the past year of attitudes and disrespectful situations. There needs to be a no tolerance policy.
R – Agreed and if there is a situation it will be dealt with accordingly. The board has the right to eliminate a membership if poor sportsmanship is recognized.

F – Only have a point trail or a qualifying trail….not both.
R – It would be too much of a change to completely change our current format. We will solicit member consensus and react accordingly in years to come.

F – We need to fish a new body of water every year to keep it interesting.
R – Agreed – see you at 1000 islands! Past couple years included new places we never fished as a state org.

F – Partners cannot be changed to benefit boaters or riders…needs to be an even playing field.
R – The computer will pick the pairings

F – Enforce the rules
R – No question…and if we don’t, we need to be called out

F – Manage the money like it belongs to the people.
R – Update of the treasury will be on a regular basis and transparent to all members.

F – Rules, Regulations for state team formats need to be distributed and discussed in detail with ample time prior to the actual practice dates. Give the teams time to discuss, ask questions and take it all in.
R – Yes

F – Create a tournament committee to decide overall tourn schedule each year. Committee should consist of veteran NJBN members from different clubs to even out the decisions.
R – We can create – consist of 3 NJBN members and TD

F – We need stricter checking of short fish at weigh ins.
R – Enforcement of rules is expected by the board

F – Social Media is underutilized in the Nation
R – We have experienced members who can help with this. New website would be a good start and FB page

10. Good and Welfare: Nothing at this time

11. Nominations and / or Elections as needed: Nothing at this time

12. Adjournment: Motion made by Scott Murphy 2nd by Bill TYger



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