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Team Trail

Team Trail Team Application

Boater Name(Required)
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** Proof of $300,000 Boater's Liability Insurance MUST be on file with the N.J. B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament Director before entry into any N.J.B.N. Tournament (See Rule A#2 of the official Tournament Rules)
By signing below I have read, understand, and agree with all of the NJBN rules and regulations. GENERAL RELEASE, WAIVER AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: In signing this application, I hereby waive and release all other contestants, the Host, Sponsors, NJ B.A.S.S Nation tournament officials and Board of Directors from all claims of harm, injury, damage of property and death that may occur by participating in this tournament. I also have read and fully understand all the rules of the “Official NJBN Tournament Rules”. I also understand that acceptance of this application is subject to the decision of the Tournament Director and the Board of Directors of the NJBN. By signing this application, I am stating that all information given is true. Any false information can result in disqualification and forfeit of monies or any other right given by entering this tournament. The NJBN agrees to keep all information confidential, except in a case of any rules infractions or false claims.
Rider Name
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$100 + $3 (convenience fee)
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