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New Jersey BASS Nation Tournament Rules

Tournament Pairings

Lake Hopatcong

Flight 1  due in at 1:30

Flight 2  due in at 1:40

Flight 3 due in at 1:50

First boat will leave at 5:15 be back @ 1:15 to do check in

Tournament staff will leave at 5:10 back in @ 1;10 set up

Last boat will call numbers starting at 5:30

GOGO will say a prayer and national anthem at 5:25

No BOATS will launch without lights in and on


Boaters 5 fish 12″

Riders 3 fish 12″


looking out at the lake jetty to the left across to the concrete dock by the first ramp driving in. 

When weighing in you can pull or weigh in then pull. Please be nice to marina staff at Lees county park. You can buy ramp passes ahead on their website. I suggest this be done to make launching go faster. Link at the bottom